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Rise Consulting Group(9168 TSE Growth)

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Providing business consulting services in a wide range of fields

Providing Business Consulting Services in a Wide Range of Fields
Rise Consulting Group provides business consulting to various industries spanning a wide range of fields, such as strategic planning, business transformation, digital transformation support, IT implementation, FinTech and new business development. While the company was established in its current form in November 2020 through an execution of a leveraged buyout (LBO) process, the company subject to the LBO had been established in December 2010, so its actual corporate history stretches back 13 years.

In fiscal year ended February 2023, it conducted transactions with 80 companies, and its clients came from a wide range of industries, such as distribution and services, telecommunications and IT, advertising, finance as well as manufacturing. The sales of the top 10 companies in terms of transaction amount accounted for more than 70% of the total sales revenue for fiscal year ended February 2023. Among this, sales to NTT DATA accounted for 26.2%, which reached 37.5% of its overall sales when NTT DATA group companies are also included. Sales to SBI Securities group also accounted for 11.7%.

Hands-On, Scopeless and One-Stop Service Provision
Rise Consulting Group's consulting business is conducted on a one-person-per-project basis, stationing consultants at client sites to provide services, understand client requests and solve issues together with the client (hands-on). The company is not bound by project scope, instead adopting an approach of setting priorities in line with the changing issues that the client faces and changing the scope each time (scopeless). Furthermore, its consultants start engaging in details from the planning stage, and provide comprehensive support for everything from design and development to operations.

Also, unlike major consulting companies, Rise Consulting Group's consultants have a one-pool system where they can be involved in projects across industries and service areas without limiting their responsibilities to specific fields or industries.











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