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(公開日 2022.07.01)


EDP(7794 TSE Growth)

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Leveraging AIST patents to manufacture and sell diamond seeds for jewelry

Conducts Diamond Single Crystal Manufacturing, Sales, and Development Business
EDP Corporation is in the business of manufacturing, selling, and developing diamond single crystals, which are synthetically fabricated and sold for the jewelry and electronic materials fields.

The company was established in September 2009 for the purpose of commercializing the large diamond single crystal production technology developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). President and representative director Naoji Fujimori served as the director of the Diamond Research Center at AIST prior to founding EDP.

In addition to jewelry applications, diamonds are widely used as abrasive grains for the cutting and polishing of hard materials such as stone, due to their high hardness. Diamonds are generally considered to occur in nature, but the fact is that most of the industrial diamonds in use today are created through artificial synthesis. Natural diamonds had traditionally been used in jewelry, but synthetic diamonds began to appear about 10 years ago and a substantial amount of synthetic jewels are sold in jewelry stores and online today. Such synthetic jewels are called laboratory-grown diamonds (LGDs).

Product Offerings
The company offers products in four categories. The product categories are the Synthetic Jewel/Diamond Seeds, which are the raw materials for LGD production, the Semiconductor/Diamond Substrates for semiconductor substrate materials, etc., the Application Product/Heat Spreaders, Optical Windows, such as X-ray and infrared light window materials and heat sinks to remove heat from devices, and the Cutting Tool/Diamond Tool Blanks, which includes precision processing cutting tools. The Synthetic Jewel/Diamond Seeds accounted for 93.5% of net sales for the first three quarters of fiscal year ended March 2022, the Semiconductor/Diamond Substrates for 2.7%, Application Product/Heat Spreaders, Optical Windows for 1.9%, and Cutting Tool/Diamond Tool Blanks for 1.9%.





宝石については、天然ダイヤモンドが使用されてきたが、10年ほど前から人工ダイヤモンドが出始め、現在では相当量の人工宝石が宝石店やインターネットで販売されている。このような人工宝石はLGD(Laboratory Grown Diamond)と呼ばれ、既に欧米のみならず、中国やインドでも、市場での認知が進んでいる。









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