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7792 東証グロース(その他製品)




(公開日 2021.07.09)


Colan Totte(7792 TSE Growth)

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Main products are Colantotte products, which are personal-use magnetic therapeutic devices effective for stiff shoulders, etc.

Provider of Products and Services Contributing to QOL Enhancement Centering on Personal-Use Magnetic Therapeutic Devices
Colan Totte is engaged in two businesses; the Colantotte business centering on product development and sales of personal-use magnetic therapeutic devices in an aim to enhance the quality of life (QOL) of consumers, and the Colantotte Safety System (CSS) business providing an emergency contact service. The CSS business was launched in January 2017, but its net sales in the fiscal year ended September 2020 was only two million yen.

Colantotte is a brand of its personal-use magnetic therapeutic devices effective for blood circulation improvement and stiffness relief of the body parts they are worn on, such as shoulders and lower back. Its personal-use magnetic therapeutic devices are controlled medical devices based on the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act and certified by certification authorities appointed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The company develops and sells the products, but production is outsourced.

Its products are categorized into the necklace group for neck and shoulders, the loop group for arms, the wear group and the supporter group for upper and lower back, knees and elbows. As for the net sales composition by product group, the necklace group accounted for 84.0% in the fiscal year ended September 2020 and 85.1% in the first half of the fiscal year ending September 2021. In particular, the Colantotte TAO necklace series, which are high-price range products utilizing a high density of magnets, accounted for 52.6% of the net sales in the fiscal year ended September 2020 and 48.0% of the net sales in the first half of the fiscal year ending September 2021, and is its flagship product.

By sales channel, the net sales composition of domestic wholesale in the wholesale segment is high at slightly less than 80%. In domestic wholesale, the company conducts sales to Mega Sports, XEBIO, MURASAKI SPORTS, Alpen (3028 TSE First Section), HIMARAYA (7514 TSE First Section) and other sports mass retailers, as well as home electronics mass retailers, online/television mail order companies, etc.


コラントッテ(以下、同社)は、生活者のQOL(Quality Of Life、生活の質)向上を目指し、家庭用永久磁石磁気治療器(以下、家庭用磁気治療器)の製品開発・販売を中心とするコラントッテ事業と緊急時連絡サービスであるCSS(コラントッテ・セーフティ・システム)の2つの事業を行っている。





Colantotteブランドの新しい製品ラインとして19年4月からColantotte RESNO(コラントッテ レスノ)の販売を開始した。これは、家庭用磁気治療器にこだわることなく、健康の3大要素である「運動」「休養」「栄養」の側面からヘルスケアをサポートする製品で、リラクシングウェア、リラクシングクリーム、サプリメント、ソックス等がある。売上高構成比は足元で4%程度となっている。








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