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7376 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2021.07.09)


BCC(7376 TSE Growth)

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Dispatching salespeople to IT companies and supporting the nursing care industry

Providing Salespeople to IT Companies and Supporting the Healthcare Industry Centering on Nursing Care Recreation
BCC’s business is categorized into the IT sales outsourcing business that dispatches workers to sales departments of major IT companies and the healthcare business providing supportive services in the nursing care segment. Its main business is the IT sales outsourcing business which accounted for 85.3% of net sales in the fiscal year ended September 2020 and recorded profits to more than offset losses incurred by the healthcare business which accounted for 14.7% of the net sales.

IT Sales Outsourcing Business
BCC dispatches employees educated and trained in-house as salespeople to major IT companies to enhance and complement their sales departments. The average number of dispatched personnel during the fiscal year ended September 2020 was 105. In addition, it also sells appropriate cloud services to small- to medium-sized companies as a sales agent of major IT companies, and has a track record of transactions with a cumulative total of over 1,200 small- to medium-sized companies.

Healthcare Business
The healthcare business is categorized into the nursing care recreation business and the healthcare support business.

The nursing care recreation business is a business to support staffs of nursing care facilities in the nursing care recreation field. The main service is operation of a qualification system for “recreation nursing care workers.” A general incorporated association wholly-owned by BCC is a qualification certifying agency and there are currently over 30,000 qualified persons. In addition, BCC also operates its own media for nursing care workers. The core of such media is “kaigo recreation hiroba” in which it provides materials, etc. for nursing care recreation targeting elderlies free of charge.

In the healthcare support business, BCC conducts operation of healthcare related facilities entrusted from local governments, etc. as well as market survey and promotion support for companies aiming to enter or expand business in the healthcare field.












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