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Aidma Holdings(7373 TSE Growth)

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Supporting households and corporations in selecting and switching electricity and gas, and providing digital marketing support for electricity and gas companies

A Corporate Service Provider that Supports Marketing and Operation of Small- to Medium-Sized Companies
Aidma Holdings is engaged in the work innovation business providing marketing support, etc. for small- to medium-sized companies in an aim to improve effective use of external resources and productivity at customer companies.

The work innovation business is comprised of the “sales platform business,” which is a marketing support service, the “mama works business,” which is a human resource support service, and the “meet in business,” which provides an online communication infrastructure. In the fiscal year ended August 2020, the sales platform business accounted for 81.8% of net sales, the mama works business for 11.4% and the meet in business for 6.8%.

In the sales platform business, the company mainly supports execution of test marketing appropriate for products and services of customer companies conducting businesses targeting corporate customers, by utilizing a marketing information database of data gained through its group companies’ business activities and its own marketing support system, Sales Crowd.

In the mama works business, the company operates “mama works,” a job offering website specialized in home-based workers that has over 260,000 registered members, and provides consultation to customers of the sales platform business for realizing operations utilizing home-based workers. It receives advertisement publishing fees from companies for which it placed job offerings and fees according to contract terms from companies for which it offered consultation.

In the meet in business, the company provides “meet in,” an online communication infrastructure uniquely developed by the group. Since the launch of the service in November 2018, it has been introduced in over 3,400 companies.



ワーク・イノベーション事業は、営業支援サービスである「セールス・プラットフォーム事業」、人材支援サービスである「ママワークス事業」及びオンラインコミュニケーションインフラを提供する「meet in事業」によって構成されている。

20/8期のサービス別売上高構成比は、セールス・プラットフォーム事業81.8%、ママワークス事業11.4%、meet in事業6.8%である。





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