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Meiho Holdings(7369 TSE Growth)

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Expands business performance through M&A of community-based companies

Develops Four Businesses
Meiho Holdings Group is comprised of Meiho Holdings, which conducts corporate management as a holding company, and 13 subsidiaries. Its operations are segmentalized into the construction-related service business, the personnel-related service business, the construction business and the nursing care business.

Construction-Related Service Business
In the construction-related service business, the main customers are national and local public entities. It provides traffic volume and other various research, design, survey work,consultation on compensation and construction management in public construction work and various other services to support customers. In addition to Gifu Prefecture where the company is based, it provides services in Aichi, Shiga, Fukui, Saga and Fukushima prefectures.

Personnel-Related Service Business
In the personnel-related service business, the main businesses are dispatching construction engineers to major general contractors and dispatching personnel to various manufacturers. In addition, its Cambodian subsidiary, MEIHO APHIVAT, conducts recruitment and education of candidates to be technical interns along with making arrangements for sending them to Japan.

Construction Business and Nursing Care Business
In the construction business, the company mainly conducts construction work, national route maintenance/management work and greening/slope construction for national and local public entities. In particular, it provides prompt services for national route maintenance/management work such as disaster recovery under a 24 hour 365 day system. In the nursing care business, it provides day care and long term in home care support at four visiting care facilities in Gifu City and one in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture.











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