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Human Creation Holdings(7361 TSE Growth)

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Company dispatching engineers who develop, operate and maintain IT systems and can correspond to a wide range of customers and development fields.

Develops, Operates and Maintains Corporate Internal Systems by Dispatching Engineers
Human Creation Holdings is a pure holding company with its four consolidated subsidiaries participating in projects to develop corporate IT systems of which prime contractors are major system integrators and major electronics manufactures. The group mainly dispatches engineers that conduct system development, operation and maintenance by basically stationing engineers in customer companies. In addition, it also provides system consulting services directly to its end users.

The group provides system development to customers in a wide range of industries including financial services, manufacturing, distribution, energy and telecommunications/
media, and it also handles a wide variety of development fields such as logistics, manufacturing, marketing/sales and services.

Consolidated Subsidiaries
The four consolidated subsidiaries are Brain Knowledge Systems, CLS, Sailing and Asset Consulting Force.

Brain Knowledge Systems handles basic design/detailed design regarding system integration, and dispatches system engineers and programmers mainly based on worker dispatch contracts at its six bases nationwide, located in Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.

CLS is a system engineer group that handles requirement definition/basic design regarding system integration. It mainly dispatches engineers in project teams based on worker dispatch contracts to places within the Tokyo region.

Sailing is an engineer group that conducts system upgrades/renewals, function expansions/improvements, operations, maintenance mainly through engineer dispatching based on worker dispatch contracts. The company handles the final process of system integration procedures. Human Creation Holdings acquired the company in October 2019.

Asset Consulting Force was launched in July 2019 and provides services centering on consulting, which is the upper process of system integration (SI).









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