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Broad-Minded(7343 TSE Growth)

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Financial partner providing financial services to ordinary households

Providing Financial Services Mainly to Families
Broad-Minded provides financial consulting services to families in their twenties to forties with family income before taxes of two million yen to twelve million yen. The company was established by the president, who formerly worked for Sony Life Insurance, as an independent agent that handles instruments of multiple life insurance companies to meet various customer demands. Later, the company started handling financial instruments, housing loans and real estate agency functions, and established a structure that can provide finance-related services comprehensively.

For the high-income group, mega-banks and private banks provide comprehensive finance-related services. However, due to high compensation, they do not target the middle-income group as their income and expenditures would not balance out unless they narrow down their target to groups that have above a certain amount of assets.

Therefore, for families in the middle-income group, the reality is that companies are providing insurance instruments or financial instruments only according to their business category, like providing only insurance instruments if the company is in the insurance business. Broad-Minded is virtually the only company that can comprehensively provide finance-related services to middle-income families, and its largest competitive factor is the fact that it has established a structure enabling such.

The company handles life insurance, non-life insurance, financial instruments, housing loans, real estate and other services, but around 80% of its total net sales for the fiscal year ended March 2020 is from the life insurance agency business. In addition, the top two companies contributing to the company’s net sales are life insurance companies and they account for over half of its net sales in total.











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