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Focused on the Core Business of Operating Home-Visit Pharmacies
HYUGA PRIMARY CARE pursues business centering on the operation of home-visit pharmacies. Dispensing pharmacies include both pharmacies that establish locations near a medical institution and home-visit pharmacies, which send pharmacists to visit in-home patients for whom visiting a doctor is difficult. There are significant differences in who is targeted by the services and the requirements of the business.

With society shifting toward in-home medical care, it is highly likely that demand for home-visit pharmacy services will grow, but there are various barriers to entry, and there are almost no companies which are engaged in delivering these services as their core business.

In 2019, HYUGA PRIMARY CARE launched its Kirari Prime business, which supports other dispensing pharmacies by providing them with the expertise it has acquired in operating home-visit pharmacies, and is accelerating its area expansion into the home-visit pharmacy sector.

Its home-visit pharmacy business accounts for almost 90% of its net sales, but the Kirari Prime business is growing rapidly, and combined with the fact that it is a business with an inherently high profit margin, it is creating a second revenue source for the company.

Home-Visit Pharmacy Business
The company’s home-visit pharmacies provide home-visit pharmacy services while also retaining the functions of general pharmacies located near medical facilities. As of the end of September, it had opened 35 locations in the five prefectures of Kyushu and the Tokyo metropolitan area.

When visiting patients, pharmacists share information about the visit, such as reporting on their condition to the prescribing physician and care manager, and given that they’re also available to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, these pharmacies have a role to play in community-based integrated care systems.

The number of home-visit patients, which is an essential KPI, increased from 7,282 people at the end of March 2021 to 7,515 people at the end of September. Among service users, 87% were residents of facilities for the elderly, and 97% were certified as persons eligible for long-term nursing care. Furthermore, while the workload is higher compared to a regular pharmacy, the dispensing fee points are almost doubled, so the profitability is trending higher.


HYUGA PRIMARY CARE(以下、同社)は、在宅訪問薬局「きらり薬局」の運営を中心に事業を展開している。











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