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7131 東証スタンダード(卸売業)




(公開日 2021.12.03)


NOMURA(7131 TSE Standard)

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Planning and developing rice grain packaging materials and machines as well as purchase and sales of logistics packing products

Mainly Handles Packaging Materials and Machines for Rice Grain Industry
NOMURA and its consolidated subsidiaries, YAMAHA PRINTING and PACWELL, are conducting the packaging-related and logistics packing businesses. In the fiscal year ended October 2020, the packaging related business accounted for 85.3% of the net sales and the logistics packing business accounted for 14.7%. NOMURA conducts planning, development and sales of packaging machines and packaging materials, YAMAHA PRINTING manufactures packaging materials, and PACWELL purchases machines and products required for packing and sells them.

The company expanded its business field by taking over a polyethylene printing business in November 2017 and making PACWELL its wholly-owned subsidiary in February 2018.

Packaging-Related Business
The packaging-related business is comprised of the packaging material segment and the packaging machine segment.

1) Packaging Material Segment
In the packaging material segment, the company conducts planning, design and sales of packaging materials for food such as bags for polished rice grains. The company sells packaging materials planned and designed by the company and outsourced to and supplied from YAMAHA PRINTING and outside manufacturers. In addition, it also purchases packaging materials from manufactures and trading companies. The buyers are rice polishing plants, rice grain retailers, food service companies as well as business operators handling confectioneries, fertilizers and pet-related products.

2) Packaging Machine Segment
In this segment, the company conducts planning, development and sales as well as provision of after-sales services for rice grain automatic weighing and packaging machines and weighing and packaging machines for the food industry. The features of the company’s machines are that the weighing function and packaging function are built into a single unit, and that they are small in size and extremely accurate. The manufacturing is outsourced to machine manufacturers, component manufacturers and trading companies. The buyers are the same as those of the packaging materials.

Logistics Packing Business
This business is conducted by its subsidiary PACWELL, which purchases manufacturing machines of air buffer materials, urethane foam material generating machines, box making and sealing machines such as packaging tape dispenser/sealing machines and buffering materials mainly from overseas and sells them, while also providing machine introduction support and maintenance. Major buyers include online store companies and dispatching agency companies.











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