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7114 東証グロース(卸売業)




(公開日 2022.12.20)


Foodison(7114 TSE Growth)

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Operates a fresh food distribution platform centered on marine products

Operates Fresh Food Distribution Platform Centered on Marine Products
For distribution of marine products, informatization has not progressed and is even less than that for agricultural products. Information management is therefore left to individual efforts and traceability is hard to assure. Its labor-intensive operations are inefficient, and there is a chronic labor shortage. Foodison recognizes these as the industry’s issues. In order to solve these issues, the company is trying to realize DX in fresh food distribution by creating a database of information on related business operators and utilizing it.

Net sales of Foodison are segmented into BtoB commerce services mainly for restaurants, BtoC commerce services for general consumers and human resource services for food business operators. BtoB commerce services are the company’s main business, and account for approximately 70% of net sales.

BtoB Commerce Services
BtoB commerce services are services directly selling fresh foods purchased from producers, wholesalers, manufacturers and others to user restaurants through the company’s own website. When a user who is a buyer makes an order for a desired amount of products from approximately 3,000 kinds of products listed on the online catalog, the ordered products will be delivered to the storefront within three days from the next day. In terms of net sales by product handled, marine products account for 95.7% of BtoB commerce services’ net sales.

BtoC Commerce Services
BtoC commerce services sell fresh fish to general consumers in a form that shares procurement and distribution functions with BtoB commerce services. Sales will be carried out at the fresh fish select shop, sakana bacca.

Sakana bacca has opened stores in convenient locations, and as of the end of September, there are eight stores in Tokyo. Of the eight stores, four are located within JR East train stations.

Human Resource Services
Human resource services introduce human resources to food businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, and food factories through its food human resources bank.










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