7112 東証グロース(小売業)



(公開日 2022.10.11)


CUBE(7112 TSE Growth)

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Planning and sales of high-end golf wear and equipment

Handles Golf Wear and Equipment
CUBE designs, retails and wholesales golf-related apparel, sundries, etc., including MARK & LONA, its flagship brand. MARK & LONA accounted for about 90% of net sales in the first half of fiscal year ending December 2022.

The company has been planning and selling MARK & LONA's main products, including golf wear, golf bags, and shoes, since March 2008. All products are characterized by innovative, skull-patterned designs, high-quality materials, and superior functionality. In the first half of fiscal year ending December 2022, golf wear accounted for about 60% of net sales, and sundries, etc. for around 40%.

MARK & LONA's customer mix is about 70% male and 30% female, with most in their late 30s to mid-50s. MARK & LONA's major customers are those with higher annual incomes, as tops and bottoms combined cost around 60,000 yen.

Sales Channels
In the first half of fiscal year ending December 2022, the sales composition by channel was as follows: domestic retail 24.6%, domestic e-commerce 17.7%, overseas e-commerce 2.1%, overseas wholesale 44.2%, domestic wholesale 11.1%, and others 0.2%.

In domestic retail, the company operates a total of nine directly managed stores in Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.

For domestic wholesale, the company distributes its products via agents. As of the end of June 2022, there were approximately 100 stores in Japan that carried MARK & LONA products.

Looking at overseas wholesale, the company wholesales to South Korea, the United States and Italy. The proportion of net sales accounted for by overseas wholesale rose 14.5 percentage points from 29.7% in fiscal year ended December 2020 to 44.2% in the first half of fiscal year ending December 2022. In August 2014, the company entered into an exclusive sales and licensing agreement with JC FAMILY of South Korea for MARK & LONA in South Korea and launched its overseas wholesale business. South Korea now accounts for more than 90% of CUBE’s overseas wholesale net sales.



同社は、「MARK&LONA」及び「HORN GARMENT」、「gravis golf」の3ブランドを展開している。22/12期第2四半期累計期間(以下、上期)の売上高の約9割を「MARK&LONA」が占めている。












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