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QLS Holdings(7075 NSE Next)

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Providing solutions to problems caused by declining and aging populations

Offering Childcare, Nursing Care, and Temporary Staffing Businesses
QLS Holdings is a pure holding company that provides management and guidance to its subsidiaries. The company has three subsidiaries under its purview: Qualis and El Serve, which engage in childcare and nursing care business, and Dawin, which engages in temporary staffing and other businesses.

The childcare business accounted for 69.4% of net sales of fiscal year ended March 2023, the nursing care business for 14.4% and the temporary staffing business for 11.9%. The other business, under which the company sells products such as cell phones on consignment, accounted for 4.3% of net sales. In terms of profit contribution, it relies heavily on the childcare business. On a non-consolidated subsidiary basis, El Serve posted a net loss in fiscal year ended March 2023, and the company remains insolvent.

Facilities related to each of the company’s areas of business are dispersed throughout the Kanto, Chubu, Kansai and Kyushu/Okinawa regions, but the Chubu area has relatively few locations. With regard to the Kyushu/Okinawa area, there is only one mobile sales office in Fukuoka Prefecture; all other locations are daycare centers and nursing care facilities situated in Okinawa Prefecture.

Childcare Business
Qualis and El Serve operate licensed daycare centers and other childcare facilities primarily in the cities of Osaka, Tokyo and Yokohama. The company operates a total of 40 facilities as of June 2023.

Nursing Care Business
As of June 2023, the companies operated a total of 46 locations. The companies operate nursing care facilities that provide home nursing care and home care support for persons with disabilities, mainly in Osaka and surrounding cities. Moreover, after regular school hours and on school holidays, they offer after-school day services for children with disabilities in Tokyo and Okinawa Prefecture. These services aim to improve life skills and provide developmental support according to the individual's circumstances. Additionally, it also offers communal living assistance in the form of group homes for persons with disabilities.

Temporary Staffing Business and Others
Dawin is engaged in the temporary staffing business. The company provides temporary staffing services at five locations: Tokyo, Aichi, Kyoto, Hyogo and Okinawa Prefectures. Its strength is in the dispatch of personnel to automobile manufacturers.












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