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6524 東証スタンダード(電気機器)




(公開日 2021.12.24)


Kohoku Kogyo(6524 TSE Standard)

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Manufacturing Lead Terminals for Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors and Optical Components/Devices
Comprising Kohoku Kogyo and five subsidiaries, the Kohoku Kogyo Group conducts the lead terminal business, which involves manufacturing and sales of lead terminals (an electrode component of aluminum electrolytic capacitors), and the optical component/device business, which involves manufacturing and sales of optical components and devices for fiber-optic communication networks.

In the fiscal year ended December 2020, the lead terminal business recorded sales of 5,536 million yen, representing 49.5% of the net sales, and the optical component/device business recorded sales of 5,640 million yen, representing 50.5% of the net sales.

Lead Terminal Business
Lead terminals are an electrode component of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which are an electronic component used in electronic circuits for automobiles, electronic equipment such as home electric/electronic appliances and telecommunications equipment, etc.

The Kohoku Kogyo Group produced approximately 40 billion lead terminals (20 billion aluminum electrolytic capacitors’ worth) in the fiscal year ended December 2020, and it is estimated to hold an approximately 40% share of global production based on the number of units.

Around 90% of lead terminal sales are Japanese aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers such as Nippon Chemi-Con (6997 TSE 1st Section) and NICHICON (6996 TSE 1st Section), while the remaining 10% or so are to Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers.

Since its founding in 1959, the company has been involved in the lead terminal business, and from the outset it has manufactured its products in locations near major aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers’ production sites.

The group engages in manufacturing and sales aimed at domestic and international customers at a total of four sites, including one in Malaysia and two in China along with Kohoku Kogyo. It has an overseas sales office in Singapore.

Optical Component/Device Business
The optical component/device business involves manufacturing and sales of optical components and optical devices used in equipment for fiber-optic communications equipment and optical modules for optical transmitting/receiving.

The main sales destination, Alcatel Submarine Networks UK Ltd., is a NOKIA-owned UK company involved in all aspects of undersea cables and undersea cable repeaters, from manufacturing to laying. Sales of optical devices such as optical isolators and optical filters for undersea cables to this customer have recently grown substantially.













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