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Asterisk(6522 TSE Growth)

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Mainstay products are the AsReader series, which are barcode readers and RFID readers

Develops Business Centering on Object Recognition and Mobile
Asterisk group is comprised of four companies: Asterisk, Dalian Mingrixing Technology, which mainly conducts research and development of new products in Dalian, China, and two sales subsidiaries in the U.S. and Europe.

The group is engaged in business development centering on object recognition and mobile, and provides the AsReader series and solution packages. By conducting research and development of its unique automatic recognition technologies, it comprehensively handles from image recognition technologies, barcode readers, RFID readers, etc. to operation of core systems and business applications.

RFID, which the company is especially focusing on, is a technology that has high possibilities to be adopted by various industries as it features (1) non-contact communication (able to read distant RF tags if they are in range of radio waves), (2) collective read (able to read RF tags in range of radio waves collectively), and (3) permeability (able to read RF tags placed in boxes, etc. without opening them as radio waves reach those inside.)

Asterisk group’s major business is the AsReader business that develops and sells the AsReader series, which are its mainstay products, and it develops and sells services and products using automatic recognition technologies. It develops its business centering on barcode readers that read one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes by being attached to mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets, RFID readers, and infrared communication readers that are compatible to IrDA. Other than that, the company conducts the system integration business, centering on system development to utilize the AsReader series. Sales composition in the fiscal year ended August 2020 was 76.8% for the AsReader business and 23.2% for the system integration business.












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