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6521 東証グロース(電気機器)




(公開日 2021.04.09)


OXIDE(6521 TSE Growth)

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Global niche R&D company of single crystals and lasers

Develops Business in the Optical Fields
OXIDE, an R&D company having 25 engineers with doctorates, holds numerous optical single crystal growth technologies. OXIDE was established in October 2000 as a venture company spun-off from the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), and first started its business with the development and manufacturing of single crystals, which is positioned in the upstream of the optical field.

The company classifies its net sales according to the use of its products, “optical measurement and new field business,” “semiconductor business” and “healthcare business” (Figure 1).

Optical Measurement and New Field Business
In the optical measurement and new field business, the company develops, manufactures and sells optical parts for wavelength conversion, laser sources, optical measurement equipment, etc. in addition to single crystals manufactured based on optical single crystal and optical technologies, which are the core technologies of the company.

Semiconductor Business
In the semiconductor business, the company develops, manufactures and sells single crystals with strong nonlinear optical effects and lasers using single crystals for semiconductor wafer inspection equipment manufactures.

In addition, supplying parts of semiconductor wafer inspection equipment comes along with maintenance demand for single crystals and lasers for inspection equipment that are in operation. Net sales for maintenance demand accounted for over 20% of net sales from the semiconductor business in the fiscal year ended February 2020.

Healthcare Business
In the healthcare business, the company develops, manufactures and sells scintillator single crystals used in PET inspection equipment for cancer diagnosis. The company has around a 20% share of the scintillator single crystals used in whole-body PET inspection equipment in the global market.

As PET inspection equipment is expected to expand its scope of application to diagnose Alzheimer's disease beyond cancer diagnosis, the company is also pursuing R&D in expansion of the applicable field of PET inspection equipment.


オキサイド(以下、同社)は、単結晶・光学関係の博士号を保有する技術者25名が在籍し、光学単結晶に関する多くの育成技術を保有する研究開発型企業である。14年には経済産業省が認定する「グローバルニッチトップ100選」に選定され、21年にはForbes Japanが主催する「Forbes JAPAN SMALL GIANTS AWARD2021」のグランプリを獲得した。


同社は日立金属(5486東証一部)出身の現代表取締役社長である古川保典氏により独立行政法人物質・材料研究機構(現 国立研究開発法人物質・材料研究機構)発のベンチャー企業として2000年10月に設立され、光学分野の川上に位置する単結晶の開発・製造から事業をスタートした。大手エレクトロニクスメーカーや電子材料メーカーと資本提携や業務提携を行う一方、国内外企業4社から光学関連技術を買収、光学分野の川下に位置する光部品、光計測装置、レーザ光源、マイクロ加工などへ事業を展開してきた。






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