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GDEP ADVANCE(5885 TSE Standard)

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Providing original solutions to support the R&D of AI and related technologies

Providing Services for End-to-End Solutions
GDEP ADVANCE is engaged in the system incubation business. The company supports researchers and developers at universities, research institutes and manufacturers in accelerating their R&D efforts related to AI, visualization and big data.

GDEP ADVANCE is the only company in Japan certified as a partner by four global computing companies NVIDIA, Intel, Advanced Micro Devices and XILINX.

GDEP ADVANCE will hold hearing sessions with a client organization to address the issues in their system environment. The company will provide a solution in the form of a proposal for the design and plan of a system that deploys hardware using cutting-edge technology. If the proposal is accepted, the company will procure the hardware, build the system and configure the environment for efficient operation. Additionally, it will provide device and system maintenance, as well as implement software updates. In this way, GDEP ADVANCE offers comprehensive solutions that cover everything from conducting issue hearings, system planning and development, device procurement, system construction, to environment preparation and maintenance that ensures stable operations.

GDEP ADVANCE’s system incubation business is divided into Digital Transformation Services and Service & Support. Digital Transformation Services, which encompasses system design, planning and hardware installation, accounted for more than 90% of net sales for fiscal year ended May 2022. The remaining portion slightly under 10% is accounted for by Service & Support, which are stock-type revenue services of continually conducting updates and maintenance. With stock-type revenue from device rental also present in its digital transformation services, stock-type revenue accounts for about 30% of the company’s overall revenue.













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