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5858 東証グロース(非鉄金属)




(公開日 2024.03.26)


STG(5858 TSE Growth)

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Possessing an edge in magnesium die-casting manufacturing

Boasting a Highly Competitive Integrated Production System for Magnesium Parts
STG specializes in using magnesium, the lightest among practical metals, and aluminum as raw materials in the manufacture and processing of parts for various industrial products. While the company's business only consists of a single segment of metal parts casting and processing, it has an edge, particularly in magnesium alloy processing. Additionally, STG is expanding overseas with manufacturing bases in Thailand, Malaysia and other countries. In the future, the company can expect growth in magnesium parts sales, particularly as the demand for lighter vehicles rises with the increasing shift toward EVs.

Magnesium, weighing approximately 60% of aluminum and about 1/3 that of titanium, is the lightest among practical metals and can be used to manufacture thinner and stronger products. However, it is prone to ignition. To address this characteristic of the metal, STG has developed a special wet dust collector to deal with the dust.

Main Products and Main Customers
STG’s main products are lightweight metal parts used in automobiles, highly value-added cameras, surveillance cameras, projectors, printers, medical equipment and other applications. Demand for magnesium automobile dashboard panels is expected to increase in the future, especially as automobiles become lighter.

In terms of sales destinations, in fiscal year ended March 2022, CBC, which deals with mirrorless camera components, accounted for a high proportion of 23.6%. However, in fiscal year ended March 2023, sales were largely shared among three companies, with Sweden's AXIX Communications, which deals with surveillance cameras, Koshin Kogyo, which supplies die-cast parts to Seiko Epson and CBC, each accounting for about the same ratio. In the first three quarters of fiscal year ending March 2024, the sales ratio of Mitsubishi Electric, which has been increasing its automotive dashboard panels for European car makers, increased sharply to 12.9%. STG is said to have received orders from Mitsubishi Electric for all models of automotive meter panels, and high growth is expected to continue in the future.






販売先としては、22/3期はミラーレスカメラ部品等を手掛けるCBC(東京都中央区)向け比率が23.6%と高かったが、23/3期には監視カメラ等を手掛けるスウェーデンのAXIX Communications、セイコーエプソン向けダイカスト部品等を手掛ける甲信工業(長野県塩尻市)、CBCの3社がほぼ同様の構成比となった。






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