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AR advanced technology(5578 TSE Growth)

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Helping customers achieve digital transformation

Focus on Cloud Integration to Help Client Companies Accomplish Digital Transformation
AR advanced technology provides solutions to aid its clients in realizing digital transformation. In September 2017, AR advanced technology received the Second Prize and Special Jury Prize from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) for their joint project with Shimadzu Corporation, "Research and Development on AI's Ability to Infer Optimal Clinical Departments." This achievement in technological capabilities led to a boost in the company's business performance.

The company provides three services: 1) cloud integration, 2) product development and sales and 3) digital transformation human resources. Cloud integration accounts for around 80% of net sales, while the development and sales of proprietary products and digital transformation human resources each account for about 10%.

1) Cloud Integration
This service leverages cloud-native technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure to offer system development (cloud integration). The service features a range of consulting services that support digital and cloud migration. In addition to traditional system development, domain-specific service packages are also available.

2) Product Development and Sales
The company develops and sells three proprietary products and conducts reselling and maintenance related services for other companies. AR advanced technology's products are AI-based, and incorporate knowledge accumulated through the company’s cloud integration services.

3) Digital Transformation Human Resources
Consolidated subsidiary ATS offers temporary staffing and recruiting services mainly through matching platform Techpass, which enables the acquisition of digital transformation human resources. Job seekers who access Techpass are referred to client companies or introduced to AR advanced technology.






Amazon Web Services(以下、AWS)やMicrosoft Azure等のクラウドネイティブ注技術を活用したシステム開発(クラウドインテグレーション)を中心したサービスである。








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