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5577 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2023.06.23)


Aidemy(5577 TSE Growth)

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Supporting corporate transformation by assisting with AI/DX insourcing

Focusing on Supporting Companies in Insourcing AI/DX
Aidemy’s business consists of AI/DX Products, which provides support for the development of digital human resources for corporations; AI/DX Solutions, which supports the digital transformation of client companies by working closely with them on projects; and AI/DX Reskilling, which supports reskilling efforts for individuals.

In the fiscal year ended May 2022, AI/DX Reskilling accounted for 20.8% of net sales, while AI/DX Products accounted for 74.0% and AI/DX Solutions for 5.2%. AI/DX Products and AI/DX Solutions are corporate-oriented, while AI/DX Reskilling targets individuals.

Through AI/DX Products, the company offers Aidemy Business, its flagship service that aids companies in cultivating digital talent. Aidemy Business is a SaaS-type service featuring a pricing structure that reduces the per-user price as a client company’s user number grows.

In principle, the company provides services to enterprise companies, which it defines as those with 1,000 or more employees. As an ancillary service to Aidemy Business, the company offers Aidemy Practice, through which it dispatches instructors and provides training for digital human resources.

Through AI/DX Solutions, the company provides Modeloy, a service for enterprise companies that supports various fields of DX project execution, from theme selection and proof of concept development to system development and operation, in a customer-accompanied manner.

Aidemy Premium, which the company offers through AI/DX Reskilling, provides individual-level support for digital human resource cultivation. It is designed to aid students in acquiring digital skills they can rapidly put to use within three to six months.





アイデミーの主力サービスであるAidemy Businessは23年4月時点で188コースを提供しており、累計で21万名を超える受講実績がある国内最大級のAI/DX研修プラットフォームである。






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