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5533 東証スタンダード(不動産業)




(公開日 2023.06.30)


Elitz Holdings(5533 TSE Standard)

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Engaged in real estate business in the Kinki region centered on Kyoto and Shiga

Providing Real Estate Brokerage and Management Services as well as Resident Support Services in the Kinki Region
Composed of Elitz Holdings and six of its consolidated subsidiaries, the group is engaged in the real estate brokerage business, the real estate management business and the resident support business in the Kinki region centered around Kyoto and Shiga prefectures.

The composition of sales for the real estate brokerage business, real estate management business, and resident support business segments in fiscal year ended September 2022 was 49.6%, 37.3% and 13.1%, respectively.

(1) Real estate brokerage business
In its real estate brokerage business segment, the group engages in the real estate rental brokerage business, the real estate rental brokerage related business, the real estate sales brokerage business, the real estate leasing business, the real estate development business and the overseas business. For each business line, companies in the corporate group collaborate closely on matters such as introductions and outsourcing. Operations are conducted in a way that minimizes the outflow of profit opportunities.

(2) Real estate management business
The group is engaged in the maintenance and resident management of rental properties such as condominiums and apartments. It also provides maintenance services and management support for condominiums, as well as operational assistance for condominium management associations. The contribution to sales and profits from the condominium management business is not significant.

The group manages more than 24,000 units, excluding its own buildings, for which it has maintained an occupancy rate of approximately 95% over the last two fiscal years.

(3) Resident support business
The group offers a range of services to customers of the corporate group, which consists of owners, residents and property buyers of its managed properties. These services include fire insurance solicitation, rent default guarantees, 24/7 on-call service for issues such as lost keys or plumbing problems, internet contract arrangements and coordination of other infrastructure services.

Although there are a large number of small transactions, business partners of the group, such as insurance companies, Internet providers and power producers and suppliers (PPS), are the main service providers, thus making it a low-cost and profitable business.













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