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Engaged in coin-operated parking lot related business

Operation of Coin-Operated Parking Lots and Sales/Maintenance of Parking Lot Equipment
JAPAN SYSTEMBANK is engaged in the coin-operated parking lot business that operates coin-operated parking lots and conducts sales/maintenance of parking lot equipment, the property management business that rents office buildings and apartments and others in which it conducts consignment sales of crafted products and operation of drone schools.

The coin-operated parking lot business accounted for 98.0% of net sales in fiscal year ended June 2022, the property management business for 1.9% and others for 0.1%.

Coin-Operated Parking Lot Business
The coin-operated parking lot business is comprised of coin-operated parking lot operation that directly operates the facilities and parking lot equipment sales/maintenance that provides services to facilities contracted for management.

For the coin-operated parking lot operations, the group will be the operating entity of coin-operated parking lots and operates them at its directly-managed facility. It will open and operate coin-operated parking lots on land leased from landowners and pay rent.

For parking lot equipment sales/maintenance, it sells parking lot equipment to landowners willing to operate coin-operated parking lots by themselves and provides maintenance, and provides support from the opening of the coin-operated parking lots through their operation. It offers various services including telephone reception for coin-operated parking lot users, troubleshooting and regular inspection of parking lot equipment.

As of the end of January 2023, the number of parking lots/bicycle parking lots that are directly managed and contracted for management reached 7,344 locations and 132,270 vehicle spaces. For the distribution of vehicle spaces by region, the Kanto region is significantly high with 58.7% and the Kansai and Chubu regions are 18.5% and 12.8%, respectively.

Property Management Business
The company leases for-rent buildings and apartments. It has no intention to expand the property management business and has been disposing properties with low yields as well as old properties in recent years.





同社グループは同社とイーアド(本社 福井市)、システムパーク(同 仙台市)、ノルテパーク(同 札幌市)の3子会社で構成されている。イーアドは駐車場検索及び駐車料金決済サービスSmooPA(スムーパ)を提供している。



99年に全国の有力な賃貸住宅管理会社が参加する全国不動産ネットワーク(現 全国賃貸管理ビジネス協会)との連携開始をきっかけに、同社は営業拠点網やコールセンターを整備し、コインパーキング事業を拡大してきた。







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