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5075 名証ネクスト(建設業)




(公開日 2022.12.27)


UPCON(5075 NSE Next)

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Adjustment of concrete floor subsidence, inclination, etc. by proprietary UPCON method

Adjustment of Concrete Floor Subsidence by Proprietary Construction Method
UPCON’s main business is construction work in factories, warehouses, stores, residences and structures to adjust subsidence, unevenness, inclination and voids of concrete floors caused by uneven settling that causes uneven subsidence or sliding of the ground or building. The company conducts this work with the proprietary UPCON method, which uses perfectly non-fluorocarbon urethane resin and small machinery.

In the UPCON method, holes of 16 mm in diameter are drilled at 1 m intervals in the concrete floor, etc. in which uneven settling occurs, and urethane resin is injected. The urethane resin foams in a short time, and the pressure is used to push up the concrete floor to adjust the unevenness and inclination.

Features of UPCON Method
While there are four types of subsidence adjustment method in addition to the UPCON method, its features include that the construction period is a few days while other methods take about one week to two months. The cost is slightly higher than the push-up method, but only half as much as that of other methods. In addition, it is possible for customers to continue to operate business while the construction work is under way.

Volatile Net Sales
The company’s net sales are greatly affected by the presence or absence of large-scale projects. The company defines large-scale projects as those exceeding 50 million yen per project. In fiscal years ended January 2019 and 2021, where there were large-scale projects, net sales were 914 million yen in each fiscal year, but in the fiscal years ended January 2020 and 2022, where there were no large projects, net sales were 620 million yen and 673 million yen, respectively. The ratio of private and public works was 3 to 1 in fiscal year ended January 2022, but it fluctuates significantly by fiscal year. In addition, public works tend to be more profitable than private projects, which suggests that they have a greater impact on profit.












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