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(公開日 2021.09.28)


Renascience(4889 TSE Growth)

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A drug discovery bio-venture handling basic research to clinical development

Aims to Discover Drugs by Utilizing Various Modalities
Renascience is a bio-venture that seeks to create new medical care utilizing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and various other modalities.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines cancers, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular diseases as noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), and the company targets these NCDs as its fields for developing drugs. In addition, the company also grapples with female illnesses and childhood illnesses including their mental healthcare as well as lung disorders resulting from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

At the time of its establishment in February 2000, the company centered on development of small molecule drugs including the PAI-1 inhibitor that has the possibility of treating a series of age-related diseases, but with requests from research and medical institutions as well as the need to solve problems in medical settings, the company also added medical devices and AI solutions to its modalities.

The company conducts research and development of the concepts and seeds, which regard various modalities, discovered by universities and other research institutions in Japan and abroad. It thoroughly covers everything from basic research to investigator-initiated clinical trials, in which investigators themselves plan and devise clinical trials as well as execute after submitting notifications of clinical trial protocols. The company’s business model is to license out development rights, manufacturing rights, distribution rights, etc. of its products to major pharmaceutical companies after completion of the phase II clinical trial considering that this increases the possibility of commercialization, and gains upfront payments upon contract conclusion, milestone payments according to the development status, royalty payments as a certain percentage of the sales after the products are placed on the market, and sales milestone payments paid upon achievement of each sales target.



高齢化や生活習慣に伴う疾患であるがん、糖尿病、呼吸器疾患、循環器疾患の4疾患を、世界保健機関(WHO)では非感染性疾患(NCDs=Noncommunicable diseases )と位置づけているが、同社はこれらNCDsを開発領域としている。











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