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4811 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2023.10.31)


DreamArts(4811 TSE Growth)

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Providing no-code development tools and other SaaS products to large corporations

Providing No-Code Development Tools to Large Corporations
DreamArts operates a cloud business based on monthly usage fees for SaaS products, an on-premises business that charges licensing fees and maintenance fees for on-premises packaged software and a professional services business providing services such as system development, modification and introduction support for these two businesses.

The company’s cloud business and maintenance fees for packaged software for its on-premises business are stock-type sales. In contrast, licensing fees for packaged software for its on-premises business and the professional services business are spot-type sales. In recent years at DreamArts, the share of stock-type sales has increased.

Cloud Business
Net sales for the company’s cloud business consist of monthly usage fees for horizontal SaaS, which are utilized across a broad range of industries, vertical SaaS, which are utilized by specific industries, and DX custom resolution (DCR), which are customer-specific cloud services that incorporate both development and operation.

DreamArts’ horizontal SaaS offerings include SmartDB®, a no-code development tool, and InsuiteX®, a tool for building internal portals. They also offer Shoprun®, an information-sharing tool for chain stores, as a vertical SaaS.

On-Premises Business
DreamArts sells two on-premises type packaged software, SmartDB® and Insuite®. Since December 2018, in line with the company’s move to shift its business model toward offering SaaS products, DreamArts has suspended sales of such packages to new customers. Currently, sales are only made to customers that have been using such packages.

Professional Services Business
DreamArts offers services such as SaaS introduction support, SaaS utilization consulting, DCR initial development and expansion development and on-premises to SaaS migration.










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