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(公開日 2021.04.27)


Cybertrust Japan(4498 TSE Growth)

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Providing trust services on IT infrastructure with electronic certification technologies and Linux/OSS technologies

Provider of Trust Services Supporting Safe Use of IT Infrastructure
Cybertrust Japan is a company that provides trust services that support safe use of IT infrastructure. Having SB Technology (4726 TSE First Section) as its parent company, former Cybertrust and MIRACLE LINUX, which were fellow subsidiaries, merged and formed the current Cybertrust Japan in October 2017.

Net sales is classified into three fields; certification and security services, open source software (OSS) services and IoT services. Out of the overall net sales, certification and security services account for around 60% and OSS services account for about 20%.

OSS Services
As OSS is open to all people free of charge, it is used when one wants to construct a system at a low cost or freely design a system. However, as there are no performance guarantees and support, it is difficult to conduct everything from constructing a system to operating it on one’s own.

Therefore, distributors providing packages based on OSS exist. Cybertrust Japan is the only Linux/OSS distributor in Japan, and provides comprehensive solutions with packages that are bundled with support services.

IoT Services
The services are to provide solutions for using IoT equipment. While recommending the use of “EMLinux,” a Linux OS provided by the company for IoT equipment, for OS, it provides “Secure IoT Platform” that enables secure use of the system and “EM + PLS” that supports long-term use of IoT equipment.






提供される電子証明書や電子署名等が信用に足るものであるためには、電子認証局による保証が必要不可欠となる。同社は国内で初めて商用電子認証局を立ち上げた実績を持ち、また、同社の電子認証局は国際的な監査規格であるWeb Trust for CAに合格しているなど信頼性が高い。





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