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4489 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2021.06.25)


Payroll(4489 TSE Growth)

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Engaged in payroll outsourcing service for large companies

Provider of Cord Blood Separation and Storage Service
Engaged in Business Process Outsourcing of Payroll Operations
Payroll group’s main business is the business process outsourcing (BPO) of payroll operations.

The group’s outsourcing service of payroll operations features “full-scope type outsourcing” that supports various peripheral work concerning payroll operations, including year-end tax adjustment assistance operations, assisting special collection of local tax and other seasonal operations, handling the change in personal information and other human affairs-related operations, direct response to employees and each base, in addition to payroll operations. The group provides a combination of two services, “managed service” and “cloud service,” to customer companies.

In the “managed service,” the group establishes standard flows for respective operations as well as IT systems, and sets up a dedicated center (BPO center) to handle operations of multiple customers in a collective manner, and effectively handles wide-ranging operations by utilizing the BPO center.

In general, when executing payroll operations in house, the “risk of excessive dependence on personal skills” and “risk of mistakes” increase with the retirement of people in charge, increase in operational burden due to seasonality as well as the increase in personnel in charge together with company growth. The group avoids operations to be dependent on the people in charge and also conducts a large number of operations precisely by having the BPO center handle subdivided operations.

The BPO center contributes to the streamlining of the operations of customer companies by establishing a structure in which it can directly respond to inquiries by phone and mail from employees of customer companies as well as various operation requests.

In the “cloud service,” the group reduces the system burden of customer companies by providing a web service (e-pay service) that can be immediately introduced if there is a personnel computer and an internet environment. The e-pay service is provided in a manner that enables easy use of services related to payroll operations, including the delivery of various calculation results and the management of human affairs-related information.














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