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Core Concept Technologies(4371 TSE Growth)

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Two Pillars of DX Support Service and IT Human Resource Procurement Support Service
The service contents of the company can largely be divided into the digital transformation (DX) support service and the IT human resource procurement support service. Net sales is nearly an equal split between the two services.

DX Support Service
In the DX support service, the company conducts DX support that comprehensively provides the DX concept through to the structure establishing and in-house operation, as well as Salesforce custom introduction support, etc. In the DX support service, thecompany usually concludes contracts directly with its customer companies.

In order to comprehensively support the realization of DX for customers, the company utilizes its unique method, CCT-DX Method. The CCT-DX Method consists of the four steps of 1) establishing the target concept, 2) technology verification, 3) structure establishment, 4) system management and in-house operation support. The ultimate aim is for customers to conduct development and management of the system internally.

Orizuru is a DX product for the manufacturing and construction industries and is a DX development infrastructure that customizes systems to those corresponding to the respective DX needs of customers by using the Orizuru functions.

IT Human Resource Procurement Support Service
In the IT human resource procurement support service, the company subcontracts system development from mainly major system integrators, consulting companies, etc. In such cases, the company utilizes the human resources of development partner companies comprised of medium- to small-sized IT companies with which the company has uniquely
established relationships.

In addition, the company released Ohgi, which it had been using in-house as a human resource procurement system that compiles a database of skills, track records of past developments, etc. of the human resources of partner companies, as an IT human resource procurement platform in February 2021. Going forward, the company plans to match the IT human resource needs of customers with the IT human resources of partner companies by utilizing Ohgi and gain introduction fees.











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