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4370 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2021.09.03)


Mobilus(4370 TSE Growth)

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Providing various SaaS format services that streamline contact center operations

Streamline Contact Center Operations
Mobilus provides various services that streamline operations as SaaS, mainly targeting contact centers. It provides manual chat support via operators, chatbots that automatically respond to inquiries via chats and other services, and supports the decreasing of the operator burden, operation streamlining, cost reduction and increasing customer satisfaction.

The company discloses its service content by segmenting them into the three services of the SaaS service, the professional service and the innovation lab service.

SaaS Service
The SaaS service provides five SaaS products as subscription format services for a monthly fee or annual fee, according to the use period. It accounted for 40.4% of the net sales in the fiscal year ended August 2020.

Professional Service
The professional service accounted for 29.3% of net sales in the fiscal year ended August 2020. It provides initial introduction support, customized development and other services for its SaaS service, and support to maximize the effect of system introduction by customers.

Innovation Lab Service
The innovation lab service accounted for 30.1% of net sales in the fiscal year ended August 2020. It handles contracted development of a system that potentially leads to future commercialization or new business, centering on the communication field.

Sales Channel and Customer Base
The company provides its services through the three sales channels of direct sales, distribution agents and OEM supply. The breakdown of the SaaS service by sales channel in the first three quarters of the fiscal year ending August 2021 was 33% by direct sales, 36% by distribution agents and 31% by OEM supply. Recently, the growth rate of direct sales is high.











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