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4263 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2021.12.28)


SUSMED(4263 TSE Growth)

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Developing digital therapeutic apps

Business Centered on Digital Therapy App Development
SUSMED’s business operations are centered on development in the field of digital therapeutics (DTx). Its businesses include the DTx product business, which develops digital therapeutic apps, and the DTx platform business, which is in charge of the development and provision of general-purpose clinical trial systems, automated machine learning analysis systems, etc. SUSMED has completed verification tests of products for the DTx product business, but has not yet launched sales.

DTx is a software-driven treatment method taking the form of a smartphone app, etc. It is a medical device based on scientific evidence, and regulatory approval has been obtained. DTx is different from general healthcare applications. Compared with traditional medical care, DTx gives patients easier access to care, while also making it possible to collect activity data outside of medical institutions. The technology is expected to solve issues specifically related to chronic diseases, such as high treatment discontinuation rates and prolonged treatment periods caused by the inability to provide appropriate, timely, and sufficient therapeutic intervention.

It is believed that risks associated with the development costs, development period, profitability after sales and such can be reduced in the development of therapeutic apps because nonclinical tests required when developing ordinary drugs and medical devices are not required. Furthermore, because the software itself is the product, the process and quality control are relatively easy in the manufacturing process once the medical device has been approved. It differs by the target disease, but the company believes that the development of a therapeutic app will take approximately six years and incur costs ranging from several hundred million to several billion yen.


サスメド(以下、同社)は、「デジタル治療(Digital Therapeutics、以下、DTx)」の開発を中心としており、治療用アプリ開発を行う「DTxプロダクト事業」、汎用臨床試験システム及び機械学習自動分析システム等を開発・提供する「DTxプラットフォーム事業」を展開している。











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