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4256 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2021.12.24)


CYND(4256 TSE Growth)

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Boasting high growth and profitability due to a subscription model and efficient business operation

Providing a Cloud-Based Reservation Management System to Hair and Beauty Salons
CYND provides BeautyMerit, a cloud-based reservation management system that helps connect salons and customers to hair and beauty salons (barbershops, nail salons, aesthetic salons, etc.) in the form a subscription service (monthly fee).

BeautyMerit is a service that provides comprehensive support, from attracting customers to reservations, treatments, accounting, follow-up, and data analysis. CYND aims to establish an optimal customer experience and support digital transformation with respect to connecting customers and salons.

It began providing BeautyMerit, a cloud-based service that enables hair and beauty salons to create their own official iOS and Android apps, in May 2012. Due to the continuous addition of functions, enhancement of the sales system, etc., as of the end of October 2021 BeautyMerit had been introduced at over 5,600 salons.

The key features of BeautyMerit include the following:
1) Smartphone app that establishes a connection between salons and customers
2) Enables consolidated management of multiple sites for attracting customers
3) Online reservation functionality that supports attracting customers using social media
4) Settlement functionality that makes accounting tasks more efficient and facilitates handling of no-shows
5) E-commerce functionality adapted to handle industry-specific issues
6) Data analysis that automatically visualizes salon management indicators

With BeautyMerit, CYND offers services to salons with contracts in a cloud format. It receives an initial introductory fee (flow-type income) when the contract is agreed upon and a monthly subscription fee (stock-type income) from salons with contracts. In the fiscal year ending March 2022, the breakdown of its net sales composition by fee type is 88.3% for subscription sales, 6.2% for initial introductory sales and 5.5% for other.






ビューティーメリットの主な特徴としては、店舗と顧客のつながりを構築するスマートフォンアプリ、一元管理(サイトコントローラー)による予約管理の自動化、SNSを活用した集客をサポートするWeb予約機能、会計業務の効率化やノーショー(No Show)対策を実現する決済機能、業界特有の課題に対応したEC機能などが挙げられる。





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