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Fabrica Communications(4193 TSE Standard)

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Used Car Sales Operation Support Systems and SMS Transmissions are Main Lines of Business
Fabrica Communications Group is comprised of Fabrica Communications, which develops business in the automotive aftermarket centering on cloud services supporting used car sales operations, and media4u, its subsidiary that operates an SMS transmission platform.

The business segment of the group is classified into the U-Car solution group, SMS solution group, internet service group, and auto service group.

U-Car Solution Group
In the U-Car solution group, the company operates “symphony,” a cloud service supporting used car sales operations. The “symphony” system is a combination of a used car sales management system and advertisement posting platform, and is a one-stop SaaS providing services related to used car sales for used car dealers, including procurement of used cars, issuance of invoices and quotations, management of customers and posting advertisements on multiple used car search sites.

SMS Solution Group
The main business of the SMS solution group is media SMS of the SMS transmission services that has corporations as customers and is operated by its subsidiary media4u.

Auto Service Group
The auto service group, provides repair services of vehicles damaged in accidents, rental of substitute vehicles during repairs, wrecker services, etc. based on requests from non-life insurance companies. These are provided in the three Tokai prefectures of Aichi, Gifu and Mie. In addition, it provides motor vehicle inspections and maintenance, new and used car sales services, etc.









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