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Global Information(4171 TSE Standard)

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Selling market and technology trend survey reports on specific themes

Primarily Selling Survey Reports on Market and Technology Trends
Global Information purchases research information and conference information from overseas research companies, publishers and hosts of international conferences and exhibitions, and then sells such information. This information is accumulated on its website and is provided as a platform of research information on market and technology trends.

The company’s businesses segments are “market survey reports,” “annual information services,” “commissioned surveys” and “international conferences and exhibitions.

Overview of Each Business
In the survey report business, which accounts for about 80 percent of net sales, the company purchases and sells survey analysis reports that analysts have systematically compiled on market and technology trends for various themes. Outlines, tables of contents and other information on the research are introduced not only in the original English, but also in Japanese, Korean and Chinese. In order to respond to themes in a wide range of fields, it concludes sales agreements with over 300 survey publishers and hosts of international conferences and exhibitions. The number of reports on the company’s website is increasing year by year and as of the end of November, there are over 90,000 reports.

Annual information service is a service in which research on market and technology trends is continually provided under an annual contract. For commissioned surveys, the company is entrusted with surveys in which customer needs cannot be covered by existing market survey reports.

The international conferences and exhibitions is a business in which the company advertises for participants for international conferences and exhibitions held around the world. The company provides Japanese, Chinese and Korean translations of the website prepared in English by hosts of international conferences and exhibitions, and also handles applications, inquiries regarding conferences, etc. through the company’s website. Affected by the spread of the COVID-19 infection, the net sales of this business is recently in a sluggish state.










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