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4167 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2020.12.22)


Kokopeli(4167 TSE Growth)

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Providing management and operation support platform to small- and medium-sized companies by collaborating with regional financial institutions

Supporting Management of Small- and Medium-sized Companies by Collaborating with Regional Financial Institutions
Kokopelli primarily provides “Big Advance,” a management support platform for small- and medium-sized companies, and also provides services using “FAI,” an artificial intelligence module that utilizes corporate data, and “IT Support Service,” a management support service for small- and medium-sized companies and sole proprietors. Of the net sales in the first half of fiscal year ending March 2021, 82.0% was from Big Advance.

Big Advance, a Management Support Platform for Small- and Medium-Sized Companies
The Company provides Big Advance, an SaaS type management support platform for small- and medium-sized companies, to regional financial institutions across Japan. Under a name given by each financial institution such as in the style of “XX Big Advance,” each financial institution provides Big Advance services to small- and medium-sized companies with which they do business. Small- and medium-sized companies doing business with financial institutions that introduced Big Advance are able to use services by registering for membership online.

Big Advance is equipped with functions that support business strategy aspects, such as business matchings and partnerships, and daily operations of small- and medium-sized companies. Big Advance member companies can utilize the basic functions with a monthly fee of 3,000 yen plus tax without spending any initial costs.

The revenue from Big Advance is comprised of an initial introduction fee when introducing the service, and monthly operation and maintenance fees the company receives from financial institutions. The operation and maintenance fees are ongoing charges, comprised of monthly fixed-rate payments from financial institutions and payments generated from a revenue sharing model arising from monthly usage fees between financial institutions and member companies.


ココペリ(以下、同社)は、中小企業向け経営支援プラットフォーム「Big Advance」の提供を主に、企業のデータを活用したAI(人工知能)モジュール「FAI」、中小企業及び個人事業主向け経営支援サービス「ITサポートサービス」を提供している。21/3期第2四半期累計期間の売上高の82.0%が「Big Advance」によるものである。

同社は、日本全国の地域金融機関に対して、SaaS型の中小企業向け経営支援プラットフォーム「Big Advance」を提供している。各金融機関は「〇〇 Big Advance」というように金融機関の名称などを冠して、それぞれの取引先中小企業に対してサービスを提供している。例えば京都銀行(8369東証一部)であれば「京銀Big Advance」といったかたちである。導入金融機関の取引先の中小企業は会員登録をすることで、オンラインでサービスを利用することが可能になる。

「Big Advance」には、中小企業にとって事業及び日常業務を支援する機能が搭載されている。「Big Advance」の会員企業は、初期費用をかけることなく、月額3,000円(税抜)で基本機能を活用できる。






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