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Brains Technology(4075 TSE Growth)

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Provider of AI software as abnormality detection solution for companies and enterprise search engine

Providing Two AI Software that Accelerate Corporate Digital Transformation
Brains Technology provides two AI software that promote the digital transformation of corporate management; Impulse, which is an abnormality detection solution, and Neuron Enterprise Search, an enterprise search engine.

Impulse is a system that conducts model establishment and model management for abnormality detection, appearance inspection, factor analysis, etc. through machine learning by collecting, processing and organizing various device data, sensor data, video and still image data, etc. from corporate business activities.

In the manufacturing business, it is used for defective product detection on production lines, mechanization of appearance checks, etc. In the construction business, it is used for remotely controlled predictive failure detection for tower cranes and construction elevators at construction sites and other uses. In the telecommunication business, it is used for facility monitoring to avoid silent failure of devices comprising the network and other uses.

Neuron Enterprise Search
Neuron Enterprise Search is an enterprise search engine that enables searching text and data saved on in-house file servers, portal sites, online storage and other various locations. It provides a thumbnail function that allows users to view text related to the keyword without opening the file as well allows use through mobile devices.

Business Model and Sales Composition
The company’s two AI software correspond to both cloud-type systems, which use AWS of Amazon.com, Azure of Microsoft, etc., and on-premises-type systems.

The company discloses its net sales by categorizing it into software/stock sales, software/purchase sales and operation sales. Software/stock sales is the total of usage fees in the case of subscription formats and software maintenance license fees in the case of purchase formats out of software sales. Software/purchase sales is software usage license fees in the case of purchase formats. Operation sales is the fees for product introduction support, training and other services.

The sales composition in the fiscal year ended July 2020 was 34.1% from software/stock sales, 24.7% from software/purchase sales and 41.2% from operation sales. By product, net sales of Impulse accounted for over half of the total.


ブレインズテクノロジー(以下、同社)は、企業経営のデジタルトランスフォーメーション(DX)を促進する、異常検知ソリューションImpulseと企業内検索エンジンNeuron Enterprise Search(以下、Neuron ES)の2つのAIソフトウェアを提供している。

2つのAIソフトウェアは、開発スピードと価格競争力を確保するために、共通化されたプラットフォーム(Enterprise AI FW)と基盤技術(Enterprise AI Core)上で、企業の大規模データを処理するアプリケーションソフトとして開発されている。



Neuron ESは、企業内のファイルサーバーやポータルサイト、オンラインストレージ等様々な場所に保存されている文書やデータを検索する企業内検索エンジンである。ファイルを開かずにキーワードに関連する文章を参照できるサムネイル機能や、モバイル機器での利用が可能となっている。







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