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3958 東証スタンダード(パルプ・紙)




(公開日 2023.10.06)


Sasatoku Printing(3958 TSE Standard)

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Aiming to expand its print media business in addition to packaging product planning, printing and processing

Engaged in Paper and Packaging Materials Printing and Planning of Advertising Media
Sasatoku Printing is a printing company that handles packaging materials and labels, sales promotion tools, commercial printing of catalogs and pamphlets, as well as the planning of promotions and marketing. The corporate group has a total of six manufacturing locations consisting of five manufacturing bases in Japan and a packaging factory (paper container) in China.

Sasatoku Printing’s net sales are divided into the packaging segment and the communications segment. In fiscal year ended June 2023, the packaging segment and communications segment accounted for 62.4% and 37.6%, respectively, of the company’s net sales.

Packaging Segment
The packaging segment consists of fulfillment services that are outsourced planning, design, printing and processing of packaging materials such as paper containers and flexible packaging as well as operations that cover product packaging and kitting work through to shipping. Sasatoku Printing not only bases its products on the customer's design and specifications but also calls upon its designers to incorporate what the customer envisions into a concrete package. More than just packaging, the company also handles a wide range of packaging boxes, such as outer cartons with added POP functions and packaging boxes that can be used as store fixtures.

The features of Sasatoku Printing are that it receives products from client companies, providing fulfillment services such as packaging and delivery with packages it manufactures. For example, the company uses its sterilization factory installation to package and deliver confectioneries to amusement parks in boxes manufactured by the company.

Communication Segment
Sasatoku Printing provides fulfillment services that cover commercial printing for sales promotion, cross-media services that leverage various media for public relations, IR and product PR, as well as related packaging; individual destination picking and shipping; storage of created property and adjustments of printed content for individual delivery destinations



笹徳印刷グループは同社並びに印刷媒体の企画制作を行うサンライト、中国でパッケージの製造販売を行う世徳印刷(無錫)と世徳印刷科技(無錫)、インドネシアでのパッケージの販売を行うSASATOKU INDONESIAで構成されている。











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