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2998 東証グロース(不動産業)




(公開日 2022.05.02)


CREAL(2998 TSE Growth)

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Provider of real estate management platform using IT for individual and institutional investors

Providing Real Estate Management Platform for Investors
CREAL Group utilizes IT in real estate management operation and develops the real estate management platform business handling services for individual and institutional investors.

The company classifies services it provides into three types; 1) CREAL that provides a service for investing in real estate cloud funding instruments to individual investors online, 2) CREAL Partners that provides a service for investing in studio apartments to individual investors, and 3) CREAL Pro that provides a real estate investment service including real estate fund management to institutional investors and super-wealthy individual investors.

In the fiscal year ended March 2021, CREAL accounted for 23.9% of net sales, CREAL Partners 53.6% and CREAL Pro 22.5%. However, in the first three quarters of the fiscal year ended March 2022, CREAL accounted for 52.4%, CREAL Partners 33.9% and CREAL Pro 13.7%, showing a strong growth of CREAL.

CREAL is a service that provides real estate cloud funding instruments, which enables individual investors to invest in real estate online from 10,000 yen per unit. Investment targets are wide-ranged from housing including studio apartments to nursery schools or hotels.

CREAL Partners is a service that mainly provides management of assets that are mainly used-studio apartments in central Tokyo to individual investors. The investment amount is 10 million yen at a minimum with many of projects being around 20 million to 25 million yen. Investment period is at least five years.

CREAL Pro provides real estate fund management and real estate investment operation services to institutional investors and super-wealthy individuals, and the minimum investment amount is 100 million yen.



②個人投資家向けにワンルームマンションへの投資サービスを提供するCREAL Partners
③機関投資家及び超富裕層向けに不動産ファンドの運用等の不動産投資サービスを提供するCREAL Pro

21/3期の売上高は、CREALが1,705百万円(売上構成比23.9%)、CREAL Partnersが3,830百万円(同53.6%)、CREAL Proが1,605百万円(同22.5%)だった。

22/3期第3四半期累計期間では、CREALが4,626百万円(同52.4%)、CREAL Partnersが2,994百万円(同33.9%)、CREAL Proが1,208百万円(同13.7%)となっており、CREALが高い伸びを示している。





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