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J Frontier(2934 TSE Growth)

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A mail order company of health foods and medical products targeting to become a healthcare tech company

Engaged in Mail Order Sales of Health Foods and Medical Products as Core Business
J Frontier was launched in June 2008 as an internet advertisement agency in the healthcare field, and has been supporting sales promotions. In August 2012, based on its accumulated expertise in sales promotion, it has started planning, development and sales of in-house brand of health foods, and currently, mail order sales of health foods and medical products have become its core business.

In February 2021, it has started a medical platform service, SOKUYAKU, that provides services of medical institution searches, bookings and receiving online medical examinations by doctors, online dosing guidance by pharmacists and delivery of prescription drugs in a one-stop manner. This service is in a phase of full-scale business expansion.

The businesses of the company are classified into the three reporting segments of the healthcare sales business, the medical care sales business and the healthcare marketing business. The healthcare sales business, which handles mail order sales of health foods, accounts for around 70% of the entire net sales. The mail order sales of medical products is categorized in the medical care sales business, and the combined amount of mail order sales of health foods and medical products accounts for about 90% of the entire net sales.

Company Plan for the Fiscal Year Ending May 2022
For the fiscal year ending May 2022, the company expects net sales of 10,497 million yen (23.6% increase year on year, same hereinafter), operating profit of 853 million yen (27.1% increase), ordinary profit of 817 million yen (20.4% increase) and net profit of 523 million yen (23.2% increase). The company assumes a large revenue increase in the medical care sales business, in which its SOKUYAKU business is categorized.












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