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189A 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2024.06.14)


D&M COMPANY(189A TSE Growth)

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Providing consulting and financial support to medical institutions and elderly nursing care providers to improve their management.

Providing Management Consulting and Financial Support to Medical Institutions and Others
The D&M Company group, which consists of the company and two subsidiaries, provides various services to elderly nursing care providers, hospitals and other medical institutions. These services include (1) financial support through the purchasing of medical and long-term care fee receivables, (2) consulting and M&A support to improve management, (3) leasing and sales of medical equipment, etc., and (4) management support services such as temporary staffing and business outsourcing.

The company's sales composition in fiscal year ended May 2023 were (1) finance and investment (F&I) 48.8%, (2) consultation and business renovation (C&Br) 28.2%, and (3) human resources and outsourcing (HR&OS) 23.0%. By customers, medical institutions accounted for about 70%, and elderly nursing care providers and others accounted for about 30%.

For F&I services, the company provides medical and long-term care fee receivables services, while its subsidiary D&M Partners provides medical equipment leasing services.

The purchase of medical and long-term care fee receivables involves the company entering into long-term agreements over a period of about five years with medical institutions, elderly nursing care facilities and others. These agreements transfer medical and long-term care fee receivables that the entities have from insurers such as national health insurance, social insurance and long-term care insurance. The company purchases both fixed receivables, which are for services that have already been provided and future receivables, which are expected to arise in the future due to ongoing business operations.

As of the end of February 2024, the number of entities from which the company purchased receivables was 64 and the balance of purchased receivables was 7,016 million yen. The company mainly procures funds through bank loans, with a balance of 6,955 million yen in borrowings, of which 6,054 million yen is in short-term borrowings.

For C&Br services, the company provides services such as management diagnosis, business improvement consulting, cost reduction consulting and M&A support. Its subsidiary, D&M Partners, handles medical equipment sales and other products.

The HR&OS services are handled by a subsidiary, D&M Carrier, which provides recruitment, temporary staffing, outsourcing and other services.














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