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150A 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2024.03.29)


JSH(150A TSE Growth)

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Providing home-visit nursing services for those with mental illness and employment support services for persons with disabilities

Focus on Providing Home-Visit Nursing Services for Psychiatric Patients and Employment Support for Persons with Disabilities
JSH has two reportable business segments: the home healthcare business and the regional revitalization business. The regional revitalization business has been growing faster and since fiscal year ended March 2023, it has accounted for the majority of the company's total sales. Profit margins are also higher for the regional revitalization business.

Home Healthcare Business
In the home healthcare business, the company provides home-visit nursing services through nurses and other staff to psychiatric patients undergoing continuous medical care at home. While home-visit nursing care for those requiring it does not typically involve medical treatment, the company's home-visit nursing care service provides medical support for individuals with mental illness and their families.

The number of monthly users was 1,929 in March 2023 and 1,938 in December 2023. The number of visiting nurses was 114 in March 2023 and 124 in December 2023. The number of visits in fiscal year ended March 2023 totaled 149 thousand.

Regional Revitalization Business
The primary service in the company's regional revitalization business is supporting the employment of persons with disabilities.

Private companies with a certain number of employees are required to employ persons with disabilities at or above the legally mandated employment rate. Many companies in metropolitan areas, however, do not meet this rate. Conversely, regional areas suffer from a chronic lack of work opportunities for persons with disabilities, partly due to the relatively smaller number of companies that are obliged to employ them. JSH's farm-based employment support service corrects the imbalance in employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in metropolitan and regional areas.

JSH is characterized by the establishment of farms, which are places where people with disabilities can work, in regional areas where employment opportunities are limited. As a result, the company's farms are concentrated in Kyushu. As of February 2024, there were 17 sites and 1,369 plots. As of the end of December 2023, the company had 163 corporate users, with recurring sales accounting for approximately 90% of the net sales of the employment support business for persons with disabilities.






具体的には、生活習慣や生活リズムの確立支援、 生活技術、家事能力、社会技術等の獲得支援、対人関係の改善支援等などを行う。








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