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145A 東証グロース(情報・通信)


L is B


(公開日 2024.03.29)


L is B(145A TSE Growth)

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Providing business chat services for field workers to companies in industries such as construction, retail distribution and transportation

Offering DX to Solve Issues Faced by Companies Engaged in Field Operations
L is B provides digital services in the form of SaaS to solve issues in industries such as construction, retail distribution and transportation through digital transformation (DX). The services are mainly aimed at people who work on their feet without a desk and do not normally use a PC.

L is B’s main service is “direct,” a business chat for field workers. It also provides services that operate with “direct.” The company receives payment for these services in the form of monthly usage fees (stock sales). It also provides consulting and develops original solutions to meet the demands of "direct" users seeking to improve operational efficiency.

Business Chat “direct” for Field Workers
To facilitate smooth business communications and reporting, chat services need to be easy to use for everyone. In particular, since the IT literacy level of field workers varies, “direct” has been developed with the aim of creating a user interface that can be operated intuitively by anyone who can operate a smartphone.

Its customers are mainly major construction companies and local governments. Customers from the construction industry account for approximately 60%, with 16 of the top 20 companies in the industry by net sales adopting the system. The service is also used by slightly under 1,400 local governments, including individual departments.

Since releasing “direct” in October 2014, L is B has successively released various solutions and applications that work together with the service.

In July 2022, the company launched its DX consulting services and is also engaged in designing and developing original solutions for individual companies related to its consulting and "direct" services.


L is Bの社名は「Life is Beautiful」を由来としており、働く人々の人生の彩り・潤いになるサービスを提供したいという想いから名付けられた。

L is Bは、建設業、流通小売業、運輸・交通業などの現場での課題をDXによって解決するデジタルサービスをSaaS形態で提供している。デスクを持たず業務を立って行い、普段はPCを使わない人々を主な対象としている。

L is Bの主力サービスは現場向けビジネスチャット「direct」であるが、「direct」と連動して稼働するサービスも提供している。これらのサービスの対価を月額利用料(ストック売上高)というかたちで受け取っている。




「direct」を14年10月にリリースして以降、「direct」と連動して稼働するサービスとして、16年10月に働き方改革支援ソリューション「direct Smart Working Solution」、17年1月にチャットボットレンタルサービス「direct bot RENTAL」、18年7月にはユーザーの思考に合わせて進化するFAQソリューション「AI‐FAQボット」、22年4月にはタスク管理、スケジュール管理、掲示板といった機能(後に日程調整を追加)を搭載した「direct Apps」を次々とリリースしてきた。







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