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143A 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2024.03.26)


Ishin(143A TSE Growth)

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Aiming for growth by supporting companies in their marketing to local governments

Providing Media, Solutions and Platforms across Three Business Areas
Consisting of the company, three subsidiaries and one affiliated company, the Ishin group is engaged in three business areas. These are the public-private co-creation business which supports private companies in their marketing activities to local governments, the global innovation business which supports open innovation at large companies and the media PR business which supports venture companies in their recruitment and such activities.

The public-private co-creation business is primarily targeted at large and medium-sized private companies and provides them with marketing support services for local governments.

The global innovation business supports major Japanese corporate clients in promoting open innovation by providing information and solutions related to startups and growing industries in Japan and overseas. This business is handled by Ishin and Ishin USA, a subsidiary of the company responsible for conducting research, interviews and related activities in both the company and the U.S.

The media PR business provides venture companies with branding and recruitment support.

Each business provides three services. Centered around "media" from which they earn advertising revenue from customers, they also offer "solutions" to address customer problems and provide "platform" services as a system, which earns usage fees.

The sales composition ratio of each business for the first three quarters of fiscal year ending March 2024 was 40.4% from the public-private co-creation business, 27.7% from the global innovation business and 31.8% from the media PR business. The sales composition ratio of the public-private co-creation business, an area of growth, is increasing. Additionally, for the same period, the stock-type sales consisting of monthly advertising fees for online media and monthly platform usage fees accounted for approximately 64%.






グローバルイノベーション事業では、日本の大手企業を顧客とし、国内外のスタートアップや成長産業の情報提供、ソリューションの提供により、大手企業のオープンイノベーションの推進を支援している。同事業は同社及び米国での現地スタートアップの調査や取材等を行う子会社のIshin USA, Inc.が担当している。





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