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9558 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2022.09.16)


Japaniace(9558 TSE Growth)

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Dispatches engineers to IT companies and manufacturers to deliver on-site development support and contract development

Dispatches Engineers to Provide On-Site Development Support and Contract Development
Japaniace is engaged in the advanced engineering business providing on-site development support by dispatching engineers and contract development at its own sites to clients centering on those in the IT and telecommunications industries, electronics, automobile and other manufacturing industries.

The company's services include on-site development support and contract development, with the former accounting for 97.4% and the latter 2.6% of net sales in fiscal year ended November 2021.

For net sales by categories in fiscal year ended November 2021, software accounted for 57.5%, IT-related infrastructure such as network and server design and construction for 19.8%, machinery and electronics including design of automobile / onboard equipment, office automation and digital devices for 18.1%, and new areas such as Salesforce installation support, cloud, and AI for 4.5%. About 80% of sales are to the IT industry, and about 20% are to the manufacturing industry. The company entered new areas in 2020 and has its sights set on future expansion.

Most of the company's engineers are full-time employees. The number of engineers at the end of fiscal year ended November 2021 was 1,146, including temporary employees, with an engineer operating ratio of 95.4% in fiscal year ended November 2021. The company's per-capita net sales for fiscal year ended November 2021, calculated by dividing its net sales by the total number of engineers employed by Japaniace and its business partners under temporary placement agreements, etc., came to 563,000 yen per month.

Customer Base
In terms of customer base, net sales to listed companies, including group companies, accounted for 76% of total sales in fiscal year ended November 2021. Fifty-one percent of net sales went to its top 10 customer groups.

As for continuity in transactions, 24% of net sales in fiscal year ended November 2021 were to customers retained for 10 years or longer, and 34% to those retained for between five and 10 years. Overall, 58% of total net sales are to customers retained for more than five years, indicating a high degree of customer loyalty.












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