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9341 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2022.12.30)


GENOVA(9341 TSE Growth)

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Operates medical information media and provides business efficiency solutions for medical institutions

Develops Media Management and Other Services for Medical Institutions
GENOVA operates medical media and provides operational efficiency and other solutions to medical institutions. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has been engaged in website production for medical institutions, and as of the end of fiscal year ended March 2022, it had a cumulative track record of about 11,000 transactions with medical institutions.

The company’s main businesses are the medical platform business, which accounts for approximately 60% of net sales, and the smart clinic business, which accounts for slightly less than 30% of sales. The remainder is website production for medical institutions, a business that GENOVA has been operating since its founding, but the company is not actively seeking orders for new projects.

Medical Platform Business
In the medical platform business, GENOVA operates Medical DOC, a medical information media that distributes free of charge medical information and content on health issues that may be of interest to general users.

The media has a database of information on medical institutions nationwide and a search function so that the general users can search for the medical institution they are looking for.

For medical institutions, Medical DOC can be used to attract customers by introducing their own hospitals and treatment methods. GENOVA undertakes the production of articles posted on media introducing medical institutions, and the production fees paid by medical institutions are the main source of revenue for the medical platform business.

Smart Clinic Business
The smart clinic business provides services that help reduce the workload at medical institution sites.

The business is centered on the NOMOCa series, which consists of a smart simple automatic payment machine/reception machine for non-bed clinics and an automatic accounting and change dispenser machine that allows patients to insert money themselves. The equipment is manufactured by an outside contractor and sold through eight sales offices and a network of distributors. As of October 2022, 1,274 units of the NOMOCa series had been installed.







売上高の約6割を占めるメディカルプラットフォーム事業では、一般利用者が関心を持ちそうな医療情報や健康問題に関するコンテンツを無料配信する医療情報メディア「Medical DOC(メディカルドック)」を運営している。







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