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9253 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2021.11.26)


Slogan(9253 TSE Growth)

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Aiming to create a society that continues to innovate through creation of new industries by optimizing deployment of human resources

Mainly Introducing New Graduate Human Resources to Start-Ups and Venture Companies
Slogan group consists of the company and one consolidated subsidiary. The group provides recruitment support and human resource introduction services, mainly focused on new graduates, and targeting start-ups and venture companies in new industrial fields, as well as the operation of media for innovative human resources and tools for optimal deployment of personnel within organizations. All of services adopt business models in which the revenue is generated from client companies.

The company defines new industrial fields as a domain that includes business transformations at large companies such as business model innovation and innovation exploration, as well as business succession-type management innovation at small- and medium-sized companies, in addition to initiatives for new businesses and innovations at start-ups and venture companies.

The group discloses its net sales by separating it into two categories; the career service field, in which the group conducts recruitment support and human resource introduction of new graduates and working adults to start-ups and venture companies, and the media and SaaS field, in which the group operates business media for young innovative human resources as well as SaaS-type HR services that approaches organizational issues that occur after joining a company.

The sales composition in the fiscal year ended February 2021 was 81.5% for the career service field (of which 69.9% was for student services that target new graduates and 11.7% for mid-career employments) and 18.4% for the media and SaaS field. The main business is services for students that support recruitment and human resource introduction of new graduates.


スローガン(以下、同社)グループは、同社と連結子会社1社で構成されている。「人の可能性を引き出し 才能を最適に配置することで 新産業を創出し続ける。」とのミッションを掲げている。










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