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Delivery Consulting(9240 TSE Growth)

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Sales of data strategy is expanding

Provides Technology Consulting for Promoting Digital Transformation
Delivery Consulting provides a solution that selects the most appropriate IT products and services for customer companies to promote their digital transformation from numerous existing IT products and services and combines it with their consulting service.

The company provides various services; the digital migration service (60.0% of net sales for the fiscal year ended July 2020), the data strategy service (15.1%) and the intelligent automation service (17.3%). The remaining net sales is from their overseas subsidiary.

Digital Migration
The digital migration service helps realize the digital utilization that customer companies envision, and plays the role of establishing the foundation for collecting the necessary data for proceeding the customer company’s digital transformation. The service launches a development system necessary to promote digitalization and establishes a structure that enables business expansion of the digital transformation to be conducted continuously by customer companies themselves.

Data Strategy
The data strategy service plays the role of establishing a strategy to efficiently utilize data collected through foundations established in the digital migration and paving the way to business reform. It conducts system design and construction to enable using data in the necessary format when customer companies need them by selecting the most appropriate digital technology out of the IT products and services around the globe.

Intelligent Automation
The intelligent automation service supports further streamlining by automating on-site operations of customer companies as well as digital use. Not only supporting the introduction of advanced IT products and services provided by other companies, the company creates added value by also providing a consulting service .











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