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Japan M&A Solution(9236 TSE Growth)

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M&A advisory firm targeting mainly SMEs

Providing M&A Advisory Services to SMEs
Japan M&A Solution provides M&A advisory services mainly for small and medium-sized companies.

Major M&A advisors tend to target large-scale projects. However, Japan M&A Solution differentiates itself from the competition by building a structure that allows it to handle projects with minimum closing fees of around 5 million yen.

A Focus on Intermediary Support
Japan M&A Solution offers two types of advisory services: an intermediary service that provides agency and advice to both prospective sellers and buyers, as well as an FA service that contracts and supports either the prospective seller or buyer. A large part of net sales comes from its intermediary services.

A Feature is Not Dedicating Extensive Time to Acquire Projects
Many major M&A advisory firms spend a lot of time and effort to find sellers. In contrast, Japan M&A Solution is actively responding to small and medium-sized projects that are not handled by the major advisory firms, making it easier to acquire these projects with relatively moderate competition.

Many of its projects involve referrals from partner companies. At the time of its founding, most of its partners were professional specialists and businesses. Recently, however, an increasing number of its partners are financial institutions, and now a large proportion of new advisory contracts and deals are made through financial institutions. As of the end of July 2023, Japan M&A Solution has partnered with 61 financial institutions, accounting for only about 13% of overall partners. However, in the first three quarters of fiscal year ended October 2023, about 55% of new advisory contracts and 61% of deals have come through referrals from financial institutions.

Since referrals from partners constitute its main business, Japan M&A Solution's advisors do not need to make sales calls, which is a common practice for advisors at other firms to sell their services and acquire new contracts. This allows the company to focus its resources on its original M&A advisory business, which is one reason its advisors become proficient more quickly.



フィンテック グローバル(8789東証スタンダード)の子会社であったフィンテックM&Aソリューションの役員であった三橋透氏が19年11月に設立して以来、日本の事業承継問題の解決を目指して、アドバイザリー契約数及び成約組数を増やしてきた。













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