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9221 東証スタンダード(サービス業)




(公開日 2022.04.22)


FULUHASHI EPO Group(9221 TSE Standard)

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Entrusted with recycling of wood-based waste materials while selling wooden recycled chips

Engaged in Recycling of Wood-Based Waste Materials and Construction Wastes into Resources
FULUHASHI EPO Group recycles wood-based waste materials and sells wooden chips that are generated in the process as fuel, or material product for paper manufacturing and building materials. It also conducts recycling of construction byproducts generated at construction sites.

The group’s business segments are classified into the biomaterial business, the resource recycling business, the environmental logistics business and others. For net sales in the first three quarters of the fiscal year ended March 2022, the biomaterial business accounted for 70.0%, the resource recycling business for 18.1% and the environmental logistics business for 9.4%.

Biomaterial Business
1) Entrusted with Recycling
It is entrusted with recycling of wood-based waste materials discharged at demolition sites of houses, etc. and residential construction sites from companies discharging the wastes, and receives fees.

2) Sales of Wooden Recycled Chips
It sells wooden recycled chips processed and made in the process of recycling wooden waste materials that it has accepted. Those made from waste materials with little attached substances such as paint and glue are sold as materials for paper, pulp, wooden boards, etc. and others as fuel for biomass power plants and such.

The company participates in the woody biomass power generation business to secure the buyers of wooden recycled chip products. It invests in Kawasaki Biomass Electric Power (investment ratio of 13.0%), Japan Bio Energy (20.0%) which supplies wooden recycled chips to the said power plant, and CEPO Handa Biomass Power (10.0%).

Resource Recycling Business
It is entrusted with recycling of waste discharged at residential construction sites. It regularly collects wastes from construction sites and performs intermediate processing such as screening and recycling at recycling plants for home builders and other customers.

Environmental Logistics Business
The company manufactures, purchases and sells wooden pallets and other logistics instruments. The company conducts the environmental logistics business domestically and subsidiaries in Thailand and Vietnam conduct the business overseas.

Businesses conducted by subsidiaries are included in others. They provide environmental consulting, facility security/traffic guard and human resource dispatch/introduction services.












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