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9220 東証スタンダード(サービス業)




(公開日 2022.04.08)


FB CARE SERVICE(9220 TSE Standard)

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Aims to achieve growth by enhancing dominance in its existing regions and expanding into the Tokyo metropolitan area

Develops the Welfare Equipment Business and the Nursing Care Business in Five Prefectures in the Shinetsu and Kita-Kanto Regions
FB CARE SERVICE Group consists of the company and two subsidiaries, and is engaged in the welfare equipment business, which is centered on leasing welfare equipment, and the nursing care business, which conducts various nursing care services from in-home nursing care to facility nursing care. The group conducts businesses in the five prefectures of Nagano, Niigata, Gunma, Tochigi and Saitama. Approximately 80% of net sales is based on long-term nursing care compensation and the rest are fees paid by users.

The group’s segments are comprised of the welfare equipment business and the nursing care business. As for net sales in the fiscal year ended March 2021, the welfare equipment business accounted for 40.2% and the nursing care business for 59.8%. The high composition of the welfare equipment business is a characteristic that is not found in other listed companies conducting nursing care businesses.

Welfare Equipment Business
The welfare equipment business is comprised of welfare equipment lease/sales/residence renovation and in-home nursing care support.

Welfare equipment lease is a service that leases 13 items of welfare equipment, including wheelchairs, special beds, handrails, ramps and walkers, for users certified as requiring long-term nursing care to live their daily lives independently at home, by getting long-term nursing care insurance coverage. Residence renovation is the work which the company conducts to install handrails, eliminate steps and such by getting long-term nursing care insurance coverage.

In the in-home nursing care support, care managers of the company establish care plans for the users requiring long-term nursing care and make contact, adjustments, etc. with service stations, etc. that provide nursing care services based on the care plan.

Nursing Care Business
In the nursing care business, the company provides a wide range of nursing care services, including fee-based nursing homes for the elderly with nursing care, fee-based residential homes for the elderly, group homes, multifunctional long-term nursing care in a small group home, home visit nursing care with multifunctional long-term nursing care in a small group home, day services, home-visit long-term nursing care, home-visit nursing and uninsured services.












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