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9213 東証スタンダード(サービス業)




(公開日 2022.02.08)


SEYFERT(9213 TSE Standard)

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Engaged in hairdresser job offer advertisement, hairdresser introduction/dispatch and hairdresser school education businesses

Provides Hairdresser Job Offer Advertisement, Introduction/Dispatch, Education and Other Services
SEYFERT Group provides job offer advertisement services, introduction and dispatch services, and education (other) services targeting hair salons as its main customers. Job offer advertisement services accounted for 70.8% of net sales in the fiscal year ended December 2020, introduction and dispatch services for 23.9% and education (other) services for 5.2%.

1) In the job offer advertisement services, the company provides recruitment support service for those looking for mid-career and new graduate hairdressers through paper media, web media and events.

The re-quest/QJ navi is a web media job offer site for mid-career recruitment of hairdressers. It is the company's core service used by about 200,000 hairdressers every month. The company provides an integrated production and sales service in which its designers and copywriters are involved from the advertisement production stage, and this is the company's strength.

The new graduate recruitment product service, which is another of its core services, consists of two services. One is job fairs, which are job hunting events where hairdresser school students and hair salon management companies communicate directly, and the other is a new graduate hairdresser recruitment site, which is a web media targeting hairdresser school students who participated in the job fairs.

2) In the introduction and dispatch services, the company conducts a hairdresser dispatch service and a hairdresser introduction service, as well as a daily introduction service for short-term employment of hairdressers.

3) In the education services, in partnership with vocational training and educational institution City & Guilds of the UK, the company provides hairdresser education services to hairdresser schools and provides certifications to award qualifications to those who pass the exams. In addition, its U.S. subsidiary operates two hair salons in California.






紹介・派遣サービスでは、美容師の派遣サービスをre-quest/QJ casting、紹介サービスをre-quest/QJ agent、短期就業の日々紹介サービスをre-quest/QJ agent miniとして展開している。








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